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One Degree of Difference

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We had this winter storm last week. Ice, rain, drizzling and misting of freezing rain, sleet, and more rain. The predictions were scary and dire. Warnings to stay off the roads, and schools/businesses/events cancelled regionally.

We all stayed home (after running wildly to the store for last minute “necessities”) and watched as it rained, sleeted, and rained. And, were a bit miffed it wasn’t as bad as they predicted!

Yet, it was obvious, how one little degree could make such a difference.

The rain, had it been much colder, would have shown up as snow. Or, more icey. Yet, since it was hovering around the freezing point, it stayed mostly liquid…which isn’t inherently dangerous. With just enough of the solid to make it potentially very dangerous.

And, this brings us to the question, where are you one degree of NOT taking action? Making a more solid form of your dream or legacy vision?

This is the time of year when we are making goals, vision boards, writing new plans and resolutions into our new calendars and datebooks. And, where are you playing it safe? Writing down what feels do-able? What’s easier to reach, simpler to create? What’s stopping you from showing up one percent more?

That area of both/and, where liquid AND ice was forming last weekend, and where a dream or vision becomes form by writing out one action step, then taking that step…that’s where it begins.

No action = no risk of creating something new = no movement. No growth. No gain. No change. Do you want another year like that?

Let’s step beyond our comfort zone…up the ante one more degree. Create the change we want to see. Not by watching on the sidelines. But by showing up. Sharing from the heart. Creating that new thing. Opening up to what else is possible. Then moving forward into what was previously impossible, into making it possible.

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