Can you be present to yourSELF while BEing with another?

2022 is one twelfth over and I’m still coming out of hibernation from my December tech sabbatical and hiatus.

The theme for me this year will be Equanimity. Standing in the center of change, uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity. And, from what I learned in my Spiral Dynamics Integral retreat/workshop recently, this is part of the process of evolution.

Deepening into the Oneness, we find that there’s lots of room for differences. The whole soup is Love, and we are each the ingredients in it.

So, when we choose to not be around those who are different culturally, racially, religious or spiritually, we are limiting our growth and opportunity to expand our consciousness.  This is not easy work. Yet, if we are here to BE THE CHANGE, then, we are calling in this new wave of moving from ME to WE. Yes, we’ve been praying for and intending and growing in preparation for this! And, now it’s time to TRUST. We already know enough, we are already enough and we have all the tools we need. It’s time to take this Centered in Presence work into our daily lives.

Can you be present to yourSELF while BEing with another? Staying fully embodied with your eyes open? Somatic intelligence and awareness is essential as we expand our hearts and consciousness. This is moving from the adult development phases of Rational Self (or Reactive Self in Leadership Circle language) and Sensitive Self (Creative Self) into the Integral Self. On the Universal Model of Leadership image, you can see it’s moving from Socialized Self into Self-Authoring and then into Self-Transforming stages. Don’t worry, more will be unpacked in the coming months as we dance with these phases and stages from a Leader’s point of view! 

For now, please know that we are already operating at all of these levels. Hence the need to Integrate. To acknowledge the inner diversity with intense Love, so we can honor and embrace the outer diversity.

This topic of Integral Leadership will be where I will share from this year.

Right now, personally and professionally, I’m in the midst of great change as well!

My beautiful website that was hacked a few years back, for the time being there is an informational contact in its place.. It’s all good as we plan a new site that is more in alignment with who I am NOW and who I am BEcoming. For now, a lot is captured on YouTube or my social media pages on FB, LinkedIn and Instagram.

My presence on Facebook/Meta presence will be disappearing soon too. All part of the getting into alignment process.  And, releasing, clearing the way for something NEW.

What do you need to release or let go of to make space for what’s emerging for YOU?

If this resonates, confuses or brings up questions, excellent! Let’s meet for virtual coffee and discuss more, unlock each other’s genius. Here’s the link to schedule a time:

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