Deborah LeeAnn Morley, MBA
Leadership Catalyst, Speaker, Trainer, Paradigm-shifter

My life has centered on leadership. As a teacher, mentor and dynamic example of feminine empowerment, I have spent 25 years bringing positive change to organizations through Leadership and Staff Development Training, in corporate HR and as a small business and nonprofit consultant.

Now I am bringing that deep experience to a wider range of women through the Authentic Leadership Academy, marrying the Art & Science of Women’s Leadership in programs that—Illuminate, Ignite and Inspire. Mentoring women leaders to elevate their impact in their companies and communities, I am redefining the feminine role, establishing a fresh perspective on how women should be perceived within organizations, communities and the boardroom. I am committed to nurturing the next generation of successful women ready to lead with authenticity, grace and power.


I dream of building the vanguard that co-creates the vibrant communities we all envision. I aspire to bring both power and grace to everything I do, whether winning awards in my hometown for community service, or using my MBA and Leadership Circle Training to amplify the impact of women in classes and seminars. A level 2 Art of Feminine PresenceTM Coach, I teach—and believe—one truth above all: Lead like a Woman – confident, courageous and charismatic.

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