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My Story

I am a life-long seeker … of Truth, Love and Light. Since early on, I've been a rebel, questioning teachers and religious leaders, defying cultural norms, being the outspoken one in corporate America, and learning, learning, learning.

The ending of a marriage, and being separated from my daughters for half the time, and beginning and ending a new love relationship brought me to the deep space of Inquiry. The past caught up with me and I grieved, released, and finally found my center of healing, potential, spaciousness and beauty. The Truth I had been searching for, for decades, was in this Center.

So was Love. The divinely feminine kind. Inner, beautiful, flowing and Grace-full. I learned to take up residence in this center, creating my own practices that were evolutions of those learned in Art of Feminine PresenceⓇ, priestess retreats, from shamans, and a variety of coaches.

I began to show up in the world too, utilizing the divine masculine, yang energy of Light, with radiant authenticity, deep wisdom and Truth. I began owning my gifts. And, owning my shadows! Knowing that, the mystical practices of accepting and embracing reactive patterns and tendencies was the alchemy needed to shift into power and grace.

Now, I guide others in coaching and leadership development training and retreats to own theirs.

The intuition, intellect, emotions and physical body become congruent, and the harmony within these systems result in grounded and centered Beingness. A much-needed state of equanimity in these days of uncertainty and constant change.

Clients speak to a "new-found sense of FREEDOM", of "loving the body they are in", of "feeling ready to lead" for "greater impact", to "create change", and "speak truth into power".

Today my work is centered in Truth, (with body, heart and voice/actions) guided by Love and in connection to the web of humanity. This creates space for each client to step up and into their own brilliant Light, radiating it in service to the collective.

It's all about Opening. Softening, Relaxing. Centering.

Whether I am guiding women into their own wisdom and truth-bearing, or facilitating leaders and teams into grounded confidence and integral leadership, this work is based in 4 pillars: Contemplation, Gentleness, Patience and Inquiry.

The Wisdom in Symbology

One of the ways that I began to deepen into my wisdom and knowing is through sacred geometry and symbology.  By looking at ancient and modern ways of expressing concepts seen in mandalas, throughout nature, in religious artifacts and ancient scripts and drawings, there are repeated circles, crosses, triangles, squares. Many in groups of three and four, and stars of 5, 6, 7 and 8 points.

Every time I look at a new way of expressing, sometimes trying to teach a concept, I have to sketch it out. And then I get the delight of the feedback from the Universe as I walk through my days and pick up a shell on my shelf in my office or on the beach. I notice that the design symbol is right there in front of me. It's reinforcing and validating what I already know deep within.

So what I'm doing now is applying this sacred geometry to what it is like to lead? What is the physics of leadership? What is the sacred imagery of being a leader and doing our great work in the world? I'm finding that this is a way of teaching esoteric concepts in a way that each person can grasp what is meaningful to them in that moment. And in that moment, if they do allow the rest of the information to settle into their bones and become an embodiment of their expression of self, then I have done my work.

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