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Are you looking to amplify your impact in the world? To serve with your Truth? In service to Love? And to bring more Light?

To find some ways to relax and BE, AND DO the workload expected? 

To shift from focusing on  the ugliness and pain in the world into a center where Grace and Beauty brings forth your Purpose, calls forward your Life's Work?

Or, to deepen the intimacy and trust within your leadership team so that greater synergy can allow for leading through change?

My passion lies in guiding women, like you, through the owning of their gifts and competencies, embracing the shadows and reactivity, and holding space as each opens, softens and allows her inner wise leader to be of service.


"As you begin to attune your mind and heart to the secret nature of the trinity, you will begin to relax more and more deeply into the Truth of the inherent self-ordering perfection of the universe." - Richard Rudd

Hi, I'm Deborah LeeAnn, a life-long seeker of … Truth, Love and Light

Since early on, I've been a rebel, questioning teachers and religious leaders, defying cultural norms, being the outspoken one in corporate America, and learning, learning, learning.

Today my work is based in centering into Truth, (with body, heart and voice/actions) guided by Love and connection to the web of humanity, and the stepping up and into their own brilliant Light, radiating it in service to the collective. It's all about Opening. Softening, Relaxing. Centering.


Today's leaders are feeling the desire to expand their capacity, move beyond the comfort of "tried and true" ways of doing and being, and finding the faith to move into and through uncertainty so they are able to create and innovate, evolving not only themselves, but their organizations, communities, and the world.

The rapid expansion into new ways of being and consciousness is both exciting and unsettling. We are being called to expand in our awareness of, and integration of, our whole Self. Integration of IQ, EQ, and somatic intelligence allows us to be more resilient and capable to respond effectively to the continuous demands of leadership.

What worked in the past is no longer valid. We are not able to solve today's challenges with the intellect alone, and previous experience rarely provides the roadmap forward.

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Embodied competencies are deeply held in the body, and are a way to enhance leadership presence, with a vulnerability that builds trust with others. It's a way of holding knowledge of Self deep within so that all actions, thoughts and words are in alignment with your true purpose.


Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. Leadership is undergoing a transformation from the old power dynamics, becoming shared or collective role within teams, communities and organizations.


Having a Guide provides the facilitation and support needed for integration of these new ways of being for individual leaders and their teams. A Guide acts as a way-shower, light-bearer and space holder for transformation to happen.

How We Might Walk Together


Embodiment/Presence Integration Coach

Embodiment is the result of allowing the knowledge to integrate so that actions, speaking and mindset can be transformed and in alignment with the individual's truth and purpose. So often we say we want something and our bodies are used to doing another, so we counteract ourselves.

A Guide can help with growing self-awarenss of where Integrity is missing or out of balance. Results include increased presence, a visible shift in confidence and clarity, and a grounded vulnerability that opens space for others to step up into their best selves.


Leadership Development Trainer and Facilitator

Using the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment or Collective Leadership Assessment™ as a guide, we explore competencies and challenges for each individual and/or for the team and put together a Leadership Development Plan with ongoing coaching, group learning, retreats or trainings to allow the learning to unfold.

It's by learning how we see ourselves as well  as how others see us that allows us to develop as leaders. Beginning with  some gentle self-awareness, contemplative and intuitive coaching, creation of a development and accountability plan with ongoing inquiry provide a path to transformation.

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Retreat and Spiritual Path Guide

Sometimes a team or individual leader needs the sacred space of a few days of week to step into a new mindset or to allow for shifts to happen.

The Embodied Leadership Reteat is an ideal space to deepen into the fullness and wholeness of the body's wisdom to support the intellectual goals, spiritual service, and emotional desires we all possess. The relaxation, centering meditations and bodywork practices all complement and unwind the mind…opening and softening for Truth to be revealed, and relational and actionable steps to be clarified.

Clients Speak ..

Please enjoy a Centering Practice to listen to at your leisure with embedded audio clip and player.

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