Emptying to Create Space

Here we are, in December of 2021!

Wow, what an amazing year it’s been, with continued pandemic creating new ways of being, new awarenesses, connecting and doing business for us all.

With each month this past year, I’ve discovered new aspects of Self, reconnected to others and turned down the noise of the old patterns that were creating havoc in my life.

Where are you?

  • Celebrating the growth and expansion of your leadership and gifts this past year?
  • Or, deepening into the Beauty of the slowing down and sacred space of the Season?
  • Or, sitting with grief, sadness and the pain of both your inner world and the physical world’s state of affairs?
  • Or, a mixture of it all and more?

The complexity we are able to hold has grown exponentially these past few years. What do I mean by that?

As our environment continues to be volatile, uncertain, constantly changing and ambiguous, (VUCA) we are called forth in our competencies as Leaders.

And our ability to hold more of the capacity to cope with it all has expanded. We are evolving, transforming, or decaying and dying. Each time we find ourselves feeling the relief of some type of resolution, another wave seems to be looming or … already upon us!

AND, I’m learning how to hold it all, or at least, more of it all. “Being with” the Beauty and Grace as well as the pain and sorrow.

A few examples:

My business coach (who is also a shaman of the South American tradition) taught me that each day we must empty. This felt odd to me for years, after learning to fill myself with Grace, Purpose, my Spirit and Essence. And recently, it started to make sense! It’s about letting go, releasing, emptying the excess “stuff” to make space for new. To let go of not only physical things, also different patterns, food, relationships and behaviors that are keeping us from our True Self. So, out go the excess storage boxes of old items I don’t need, and also a few new ways of eating to honor my body as well! Learning to not judge when I want something that isn’t necessarily good for me and permit these treats then get back on track into healthy eating mode.

Each year, when my kids were little, we needed to clean their rooms and play areas to make way for new toys. Giving away those that were no longer age appropriate, or that they no longer played with. As they grew, we boxed up and donated clothes, games, books and bedding that allowed there to be space for their Christmas and birthday gifts and gave them a sense of sharing and philanthropy. There was always enjoyment, and a bit of sadness, as we realized their childhood was such a short time!

On another note:

Recently, I’ve been aware of feeling excluded, for not celebrating the same religion or spiritual traditions, or not being part of the same community. It’s been a difficult experience…and I can only imagine what it might be like for our brothers and sisters who are new to our community from Afghanistan or other countries, as well as our current citizens of color who live here already, dealing with day to day social injustices.

Where can you open your heart and mind to another? Or to a shadow aspect of Self? How can we create a world that accepts and embraces differences? One that is ready to learn that who we are isn’t the only way of Being?  Where each of us is accepted as Divinely Perfect? With an appreciation of all of our differences, and a realization of our similarities?

Let us all do our part, during this season of Peace and Joy and HOPE and Love, to share, express, smile, and create new connections with all.

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