Giving Thanks, A Gratitude Practice

Here we are, in November!

A few short weeks from the end of 2021 – a year that’s been filled with ups, downs, craziness and serenity, all felt, deepened, released and re-experienced. This roller coaster had a lot to do with the pandemic, and also the intensity of political happenings, climate crises and social justice movements. It has also taken a toll on our collective resilience and mental health along with our individual health and well-being.

And, this is the beautiful month of Thanks-Giving. Of deep gratitude for not only our loved ones, our abundance and wellness, but also for the lessons, the tired and well-worn reactive patterns, and the grief. So much grief.

What I’ve learned (over and over, it seems!) is that the Beauty of the depth of FEELING is what keeps us alive and radically human.

We come out of the depths of sadness to see the sunrise and appreciate it So Much More…it’s like waking up after being sick and your fever has broken. Wow, what a difference! And, this keeps us real, growing, expanding our consciousness and evolving our species.

We create when there is a need or a call to do so. We are inspired to change when our life spins out of control or into a direction we are not liking. We find new ways of Being when the old ones no longer serve… then forget and fall back. One step forward, two back, at times! And the cha-cha dance continues!

So let’s practice Gratitude. Slowing down to be present with ALL that is. Finding what is beautiful, what is not, and calling it out so appreciation is noted. Out loud to ourSelf, in our journals, or shared with those at the dinner table.

Gratitude is one way to become Present. You can’t be somewhere else (in the past, or future) when you are experiencing Gratitude!

Let’s give ourselves the present of Presence, through Gratitude. It’s an awesome way to heal, reclaim joy, renew the spirit and rejuvenate the body.

Enjoy! And huge hugs of Gratitude to each of you on this journey with me!

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Thank you, beautiful light-beings, for sharing your brilliance with the world.

Until next time,

Deborah LeeAnn


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