Standing in the Center of Sacred Geometry

It’s been a full 18 months since the purchase of the little cabin on the St. Francis River! I’ve spent 2 winter solstices and one summer solstice on that land and have grown an intimate relationship with the space and Grace it provides.

And, in that time, so much has deepened. Within, and without. 

Love has grown in new ways and in many ways. My work feels more centered, purpose-driven, and yet…more soft, wide, deeply expansive, and beautiful. Prosperity and Sacred Success have become a way of BEing.

The magic of this recent Solstice made me laugh out loud at how I am riding the flow of Creativity, Intuition, and Divine Design.

I found a new white paper, written by the co-founder/creator of The Leadership Circle™, a tool I have found so perfectly suited to my work in the world. The title, Sacred Geometry of the Leadership Circle Profile, caught my eye.

Sacred Geometry is everywhere, in nature, mathematics, and in our own DNA.

And a paradigm shift for me was the fact that there aren’t just polarities or dualities to most structures or thoughts or patterns, but triads,  triangles or triplets. So, for example, Masculine/Feminine or Intuitive/ Intellect or positive/negative actually have a Neutral or Central or zero base!

If we begin at Center, we either travel towards:


OR towards 


Trinity Ascending and Decending

We begin at Zero. Neutral. Center. 

Our cells are made up of these structures as well as physics and electricity. Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. It takes ALL THREE for these to generate the energy for what they do. 

And, I noticed how Sacred Geometry has been following me all my life.

From the intricate patterns of snowflakes to the stained glass rosettes in church, to petals on flowers, to playing with Spiro-Graphic set as a youngster, the Triple Spiral that found me in Majic School, and the logo designed for my business (a 12 pointed star within a circle).

Deborah LeeAnn Logo
Deborah LeeAnn Logo – 12 point star

How does this all fit together?

It’s been following the clues, feeling into Resonance, finding what makes my heart on fire or sing.

And, along the way my experiences have tied themselves together in a beautifully arranged pattern. A Divine Design, if you will.

My corporate work in training and development led me to personal/spiritual and professional development experiences that have continued to unfold within me for decades. Adding my deep dive into health and nutrition coaching, Magik School (energy reading and healing), and The Art of Feminine Presence Teacher™ trainings and Leadership Mastery. Followed by The Leadership Circle™ Profile Certification then Transformative Coaching and Somatic Embodied Presence studies and Gene Keys mysticism and …. On and on. So many teachers! So much coaching! Many, many retreats and workshops!

Each course, class, program or retreat has formed me, informed me. And the more I’ve integrated the material and wisdom, the more connections between the teachings have grown and synergies created to become my body of work. Me!

So, here I stand. In the Center of so many modes and models and modalities and allowing each strand to weave together within to continue to express through me. My own Sacred Geometry. 

It’s humbling and exciting to see how far I’ve come… and how much more potential there is for Sacred Success and Divine Design in my life. 

Have you noticed and appreciated the Beauty of YOUR life?  Let’s explore together if you feel the call!

Triple Spiral Necklace

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