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What is Sacred Success?

Sacred Success is the name of a book I read a few years back written by Barbara Stanny. And it’s been a guiding framework for myself and my life ever since.

I’ll share what it means to me.

What it’s not:

Sacred Success is not defined by number of clients, amount of money in the bank or the size of my home or value of my car. It’s not the number of social media connections I have or the number of “likes” or hearts on my posts.

It IS:

An integrated web of my Life working in ALL directions.

It IS:

Where Love is the reason for working, playing, connecting and creating.

It IS:

How I feel as I move through my day. Am I thriving? Am I moving towards my Heart’s Desire versus running from something? Is my body nourished, my soul nourished, my mind at ease?

It IS:

When I slept well, hugged my partner in the morning, and smiled at mySelf in the mirror.

It IS:

Creating in flow. Playing with synchronicity. Laughing with delight or surprise when I feel Divine inspiration guiding me. Or Nature singing to me. Or hearing birdsong so beautiful I tear up with joy. It’s even remembering to come back to Center where I can give myself compassion for falling down the spiral of self-criticism, judgement or acting from Fear.

Sacred Success or an Integrated Authentic Life is the full deal. Not where my mind is happily engaged and I have a surplus of money only, (as I used to believe) or when my Love Life and relational quotient felt like it was lit up, or when my calendar was full of important meetings and commitments.

It’s all of it. The whole enchilada as I like to say!

There’s a wheel of Life Balance that a lot of coaches use to help clients to see where their life is out of whack.

Here’s what mine looks like:

And I use it as a way to assess where I’m out of alignment. Or needing more care or attention.

Most times balance is not possible or even optimal. The bursts of Creativity, Beauty, Love, Flourishing Health tend to ebb and flow…and that is what makes it a ride, an adventure, a journey.

So, do you know what it FEELS like to be in the flow of Grace and Sacred Success? On your terms? The way YOU define it?

If you are in St. Louis or can travel here easily, I’m hosting a Sacred Success Solstice Retreat on June 18th. Just in time to celebrate the LIGHT and the longest day here in the Northern Hemisphere.

If not, let me know if I can provide you with a few exercises to enjoy on your own…wherever you are.

Here’s the link to learn more or to register: http://bit.ly/2021SolsticeRetreat

Here’s to defining and living from our self-defined Sacred Success!

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