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Authentic Expansion – Are you Ready? (Am I ready?)

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As I connect to my vision for 2017 (and beyond) it seems too big, too much and that I’m not ready or worthy of it. Before my mind begins to doubt and close off possibilities, I move into a place of connecting to all that is and allow for the Higher Self to step in. She knows, in her own wise way, that this is my game. My modus operandi. My way of chickening out of the bigger game I’m here to play.

Where are you shying away from your great work? Who is supporting you in helping you remember what your heart desires? Do you have a strong knowing that you are part of a bigger plan? Do you get glimpses of what it is or is it clearly formed in your mind?

I’ll be sharing my side of this process. Join me. Ask the same questions of yourself and see where they might take you!

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