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Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and Endings

Happy 2017!

Today as the winds gusted up to 45 mph here in St. Louis, the temps shifted, the clouds lifted and sun and springlike weather showed up this afternoon. Brought on by winds of change.

Do you feel it? The palpable shifting of our society, our energy, our truth-telling, our growing compassion and caring for one another?

Maybe it takes huge change to allow us to deepen into our truth. To feel ready to speak up. Speak out.

And, I’ll be moving my show over to Spreaker as the host as well as SoundCloud for available listening. We’ll also be searchable on iTunes if you like to subscribe there.

And the new name? No great shock there. Authentic Leadership is what I do. Who I am. And the names of my new businesses, Authentic Leadership Consulting and Authentic Leadership Academy.

Listen in for a brief farewell, then the full message that was pre-recorded for you last week while at the beach in Manly, Australia is ready for you.

All the best in this new year…a year of new beginnings and MUCH movement, growth and expansion. It’s been a long time since all our planetary beings have supported us by turning direct!

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Onward!”

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