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Awakening to Courage

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Just like the budding spring flowers and trees, I’m beginning to awaken. Stepping into a new season today, on the Spring Equinox feels like moving into balance…letting go of the old stuff, growing in new ways and feeling more sunlight shining on my face.

It takes courage to be with it all. Being both our brightest light-filled Selves and the deep, dark shadowy Selves. It takes courage to shine a light on the stuff we don’t like looking at, want to turn away from, don’t want to acknowledge about ourself. Yet, it’s precisely by looking at it and lovingly accepting those parts that’s being called for.

Courage, at its root, has to do with the heart. And, sometimes we need others to lean on, hold us, remind us, love us through these dark days. So, muster up some courage and ask for help. Ask for someone to listen or just be there so you can cry and be witnessed. Strength, freedom, the exhale of relief is just on the other side.

Be gentle. We need you. ALL of you. Your fullness/wholeness/integrated Self to be at the table, speaking up, sharing your truth.

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