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A Heroine’s Journey

Of Self-Awareness

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Full circle. A spiral, really.

The heroine’s journey is back INto herself. The foundation of confidence, presence, and wisdom as a Feminine Leader is Self-Awareness.

self-a·ware·ness (a definition)
/ˈˌself əˈwernəs/
1. conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires: “the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”

Lots of airtime around this topic these days, yet it’s not common to meet those who model it with Integrity and Courage.

Self-Awareness is not only knowing, but owning, our Strengths, Talents, Wisdom, and, what makes us uniquely Brilliant…

It is masterfully knowing the areas of our Shadows. The bad, good and ugly parts. Our reactive tendencies and patterns that hold us back, keep us quiet, or self-sabotage.

And once identifying them, allowing them (and the fullness of Self) to be seen, heard, embraced, loved.

The reasons why this is so rarely seen in our leadership is exactly why we ache and yearn for it. It’s why we identify, trust and connect with those who show up with courageous vulnerability.

The Volatility, Uncertainty, Constantly Changing and Ambiguity of these times are asking for us to step forward in this way.

Yes, it’s calling us into our own Heroine’s Journey.

Full Circle, dear one.

Back to where we came from and forward into the unknown.

Fighting our inner demons and dragons and feeling our power growing as we continue to heal and let the old patterns fall away.

It’s time, Sister. Let’s keep taking steps, together.

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