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Savoring September…Authentically Slowing Down

To Savor…slowing down to enjoy, appreciate, feel pleasure, receive a deep breath.

How do you savor?

The definitions that resonated with me were:

1. To taste or smell, especially with pleasure: savored each morsel of the feast.

2. To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish:

Savoring feels appropriate for this lovely month as the weather is perfect, the food is plentiful, the days are a bit shorter and we head into the final months of the year.

Slowing down is not what I used to do in September. The calendar is full, the days flying by as we head towards the holidays and end of the year.

Yet, even though I’m not heading back to school, and my daughters are away with less activities requiring my presence, the pressure to move faster and to get a lot done is palpable!

How about you?

Are you pushing to get all of your To-Do’s, Commitments, Goals and Planning completed in your personal or professional life? ( I get it, as my year will end even sooner since I’m taking off the final 2 weeks of the year for vacation and play…)

Let’s see what arises as we s l o w down…retreat if you will, take a look around, and savor these days. I’m guessing it will be worth every effort to rearrange some things off the calendar and take time to recharge!

Need help with clearing your calendar? To give yourself permission to Slow Down and Savor??? Connect with me and let’s talk. Have you booked your complimentary session with me yet?

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