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Savoring Leads to Joy

Mindfullness is a practice yes, but can we make it a lifestyle?

Here’s a Radical thought… Slowing down to actually feel what’s going on?

We tend to gloss over things, skim over reading, scan emails, barely noticing the glow of other beings, the radiance in nature, the taste of our food, the feel of the material on our bodies…even the solidness of the ground beneath us.

And we wonder why we are always wanting for something more.

There’s this itch to get away on vacation. Run away to experience something other than our Life.

My musings this morning brought up another concept. The beauty of my life RIGHT NOW.

Yep, it’s amazing, when I sit in meditation or with a cup of tea, or just stare out the window and breathe, how I realize how absolutely perfect my ife is in this moment.

If we have all these sensations as Human Be-ings, why don’t we enjoy them? Feel deeply, sense often, bask in the sun or wind on our face, or the water streaming over us in the shower.

While having a facial yesterday I was almost in tears at the decadence of the sensations. Even during an acupuncture session on Monday, where I was to lie still for an hour, brought to mind how glorious it is being the steward of this body. Even when there’s pain. It’s my body’s language asking me to pay attention. Which brings about the steps to healing. Which brings us full circle to our Essence. Joy.

Joy, let’s savor it. And anything else that we’re feeling, get ourSelves immersed in it. It all leads us back to Joy.

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