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Authenticity in Asking for What We Want, then RECEIVING it!

It’s the buzz now…all the rage. Authentic This, Authentic That.

I get it. And, maybe because we’re tired of the IN-Authenticity of our culture. Our politics. Our own life, perhaps?

When looking at how to announce the new program/offering #AuthenticLeadershipAcademy, I had problems finding the new URL I wanted. There’s even a new coaching program for Authentic Leadership being offered somewhere.

The constant course correction to stay in Authenticity is based in Awareness. Intention. And Asking. Tuning into our Authentic Desire (see last week’s podcast) and then, Authentically Asking for What We Want.

And, the more I dive into being Authentic, the more I realize it’s a CONSTANT Authenticity Authenticity isn’t something we “Do”…It’s about diving in and Being Who We Really Are. And, knowing that we aren’t here to do it all ourselves, we ask for what we want, need and desire. This is not easy for many of us powerful and independent women.

Today at a workshop with some amazing NonProfit Leaders and ChangeMakers, we talked about Vision, Voice and Value. And how we are truly tied to what we are here to do. It shows up in how we lead our lives, our organizations, our families, our communities. And, it all come from Being Authentic. Fully in our Power. And, Fully OPEN to Receive.

Authenticity isn’t something we “Do”…It’s about diving in and Being Who We Really Are. Then asking. For what we want.

Authenticity leads to Asking for What We Want. And, then Authentically RECEIVING.

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