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Authenticity and Letting Go of the Old

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What is calling you? Is there a desire or dream that, if you allow yourself to imagine it, you feel guilty? Or shame? Or the fear of it coming to reality? Or, even worse, the fear that you can’t reach it?

Each of us have one life. With the imagination and power to create on a huge scale. Yet, many of these inspirations get swallowed up by some rules, constraints or negative stories we tell ourselves. So many of them never get done. Then the regret, shame, guilt and beating up that comes with not achieving. It can be a vicious cycle.

As the new moon fell during the dawn this morning, I went outside to tap into its potent energy. The beginning of the day is always a special and spiritual time for me and I love doing my morning practices while the sky is lit up with colors. Outside though? This is something not as common for me.

As I burned away many sticks and last year’s leftover brush I had cleared away this spring, I felt it. The renewal. The cleansing, The letting go of the old. Then the prayers and practice flowed from there. Dedicated to me, the collective, the new day and new era we are stepping into.

Join in to listen to my practice and see if there might be something you can begin using to call in your power, your dreams, the will to make them happen and how to clear away all the old stuff in the way!

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