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Authentic Passion :: Finding it and Fueling it

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Passion. It comes. Then it goes.

We find it. Fuel it and it grows. And, too often, we lose it and have to find it again.

It was very clear to me that I’ve been wallowing around in deep waters of emotional stuff for the last week or two, then after attending a few community events in the span of a week, I remembered who I am and what lights me up!

Yes, I know, You always hear me saying that you need to turn on your own light, right? Shine it from within so that your radiance and brilliance lights up the space around you and all those who come into contact!

And, that’s true.

Yet, sometimes we just need to r e m e m b e r…

Remember WHO we truly are. WHAT our gifts are. FEEL our Desire. IMAGINE what we are here to do in this one, wild and crazy life.

Yesterday, my Passion returned. After a few chance meetings where I put my Authentic Self out there, I felt it. That bright light turned on and turned up. It was shining all over everyone I connected with. It felt amazing!

I could write about it. Talk about it. I felt the LIGHT shining so brightly, just like the brilliant sun we got to see after days of rain! I got lots done!

So, today on this very wet, gray, cold spring day, my passion feels dimmed. Less bright. After waking too early and not returning to sleep, and skipping my morning ritual for the 2nd day in a row, I said a quick grounding prayer as I drove a roundabout way to my breakfast meeting at the edge of 2 main thoroughfares that were closed due to flooding, right beyond the venue.

The event was poorly attended due to the extensive flooding all around us. Yet, as if by some special divine design, 3 important conversations took place that opened up new opportunities for collaborative projects and strategic alliances!

Finding our Passion, that essence within that makes our heart sing is a personal journey. It’s funny how we blame outside circumstances or external forces or even our relationships from keeping us away from this essential life force. Once you discover your Passion, learn what fuels it and really turns you on, make sure to build that activity or energy into your week – no matter what else is going on.

Feel free to share this with someone who might resonate with the message. We need our support system, circle of sisters or love and/or biz partners to know what our Passion is and to help us remember to feed it a steady and nutritious diet, because we may forget. I did this week. Learned my lesson (again!)

Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

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