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Authenticity Requires Shadow Work and Self-Awareness

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We are complex Be-ings. Not as simple or easy to diagnose or become intimate with as we would like. It takes work. Possibly a mirror, or a coach, or a huge life-changing event, to throw us more deeply into self-knowledge and self-awareness.

Healing, as well as accepting who we are, on all levels, is deep, sacred and uncomfortable work. We may think we’ve handled some issue, only to have it show up again and again.

The example I’m pointing to in my life is my desire for things to be different, look different, feel different. My Inner Critic goes crazy on how things “Should” look, be, feel. Then add a dose of Self-Doubt in where I think I am going, a dash or two or sometimes an overly large helping of Confusion and I’ve got the recipe for a hot mess.

AND, I see this pattern showing up now and can head it off at the pass. There’s such a comfort in saying to mySelf, “Ah-ha! You thought you would steer me away from that big new dream of mine? Guess what dear Egoic Self, I’m not buying that story today.” And I’m learning to celebrate that Perfectionist, Controlling, Critical part of me and to let her go out and play in the garden or dance that energy into something new.

We are railroaded by one or more of these patterns that, once we learn them, recognize their early stages, we can take over their control. We can step back into the Driver’s Seat and even let them out of the vehicle!

So, shadow-work, learning, owning and celebrating the gifts of our less-than-pretty parts (OR just as importantly, claiming our Amazing, Brilliant and Creative Genius traits!) is essential training to become the Authentic Leader or to Love Authentically and live the Authentic Life.

Let’s see where this goes, shall we? Listen in…I typically go beyond this original topic, wonder where we’ll go today?

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