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We are the Dance … Not the Dancer

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We are Receivers. What Channel Are You Tuned Into? What music is playing through you? What is your mindset set to? It all will show up in how we live. How we dance this amazing life of ours.

At the Art of Feminine Presence Intensive last weekend, Rachael Jayne Groover opened with the concept that we are Receivers. It was a potent reminder that we can tune into the channel of our choice and it’s been at top of mind for the past 5 days.

Many of us spend time on social media, reading the news, listening to “doom and gloom” on the radio, or talking to people who are concerned about the end of the world, or humanity as we know it.

Then there are those who are a bit more realistic, pointing out the facts, checking for data and staying in tune with what is going on that is important, while also searching for data that supports we are a bit better off. Reality can easily lead down the path towards doom and gloom mindset.

I’ve decided to tune into a new wave of thinking, feeling and experiencing. To dance with Authenticity, Grace, and Power. It’s funny, as we did a similar exercise a few months back in my MasterMind on Visioning…and I see the importance of it even more now.

Listen in to hear the what I’m learning, growing into and ready to share with my clients in Authentic Leadership Academy.

See how you feel when hearing the various tones of voice and words, AND see if your energy and mindset shifts.

I’m curious to hear your feedback. This is an important tool to use in creating the life and business you desire.

Authentic Life begins right here. With the concept that we co-create it, It’s not already divined. Not out of our hands. We are way more powerful than we know.

To paraphrase Eckhart Tolle:
“Life is the dancer, you are the dance.” Your body is life itself. What is within you is the dance, what makes you move and live. “Life lives you.”

Desire is a powerful force that drives us to create. And Desire is another topic we’ll explore…maybe next week?

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