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Authentic Messaging :: Dropping the Shield

Drop my Shield?

It’s taken all my life to build it and perfect it and refine it to fit me perfectly.

Protection, as an unconscious behavior, is unfortunately, a necessary one at times.

We women don’t feel safe. Most of the time. When we do, our truest, most Authentic Self comes out to play.

You know, those weekend mornings after a great night of sleep (and maybe more!) creates the space for us to “let down our hair?” Free from masks, protective barriers, constriction of busy schedules and a prerequisite role to fulfill?

I love those mornings…dancing, singing to myself, making and enjoying a leisurely breakfast and cup of tea/coffee…piddling around, cleaning up, digging in the garden. And, the most amazing stuff comes through then.

What if we create our most brilliant messaging, our most unique offering to the world, our most inspirational writing from this place?

This morning, while at an event for fellow entrepreneurs and experts, the messages were true, hit home, were delivered with heart and I got to “see” the person in a new light. The stuff between our ears, the inner dialogue dominated by a loud Inner Critic, drowns out our Authentic Self. We hear more often the voice telling us to “Be careful,” “Don’t say that! They’ll think you’re weird”, or “don’t know your stuff, or _________” (fill in the blank for yourself.)

What if, our most real, Authentic Self got a chance to speak? Can we even Hear Her?

Let’s play in the space where our Authentic Self speaks today. Yes, I know, it’s not the weekend, but we can pretend, right?

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