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Authenticity = No Hiding

I’ve been hiding. Even with being online, recording a podcast, and doing live interviews with exceptional women leaders.

And, it used to serve me but not so much anymore.

You see, Hiding is not only being a wallflower (or a lurker) or making safe statements so your voice gets lost in the “noise,” it’s not taking any risks. It’s not showing up. Not being Real, Not telling the truth…my truth.

Why do we strive so hard to fit in? To not “rock the boat” or to be afraid to speak what’s really going on?

Remember the children’s tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes? In it, the Emperor was tricked into believing he was wearing clothes made of an invisible cloth only able to be seen by those who were smart and fit for their position.

How often do we see the truth of something or know the answer to a problem or have a great idea to share, yet hold back…fearing speaking up and speaking out?

It’s time, my lovely listeners. We are needed to speak up. Be Seen, Heard, Valued. But only from our Authentic, Grace-filled Truth.

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