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Authentic Collaboration

We women can be our own worst enemies.

What is it about women competing with each other? (even when we know better?)

Do you ever feel diminished by another’s success? Or feel a contraction when you see someone else doing the same thing (or a bit similar even or especially superior) to your business or program offering?

For so long, we have been pitted against each other, for beauty, yes, but even for brains, for roles in organizations or plays, for being the best ______________. (you fill in the blank, is it Mother? CFO? Community Organizer? Philanthropist? Athlete? Scholar?)

This is probably why concepts of CrossFit where you only compete with yourself while receiving support in a community is so popular. It’s becoming very common to see collaborations between different consultants and coaches and trainers as they can offer a blend of their work to appeal to a wider audience (or the same audience on a deeper level).

We all get more when we combine our talents and gifts with another to create synergy. And celebrate each other’s talents and gifts.

Yet, with all the work and knowledge I have on collaborating versus competition, why do I still feel that cringe or punch in the gut when someone else is doing what I do, offering a workshop or program that sounds like mine or publishing the book I’ve got in my head?

It’s all good. There’s a way to calm yourself (and mySelf) down and laught at it all.

It’s the topic for today. Tune in and give it a listen. If it speaks to you, I’d love to hear your feedback. If someone comes to mind that might like to hear it, please share.

Thanks for doing what you do. There really is only one of you…own that and trust it.

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