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Time for Bravery

It is never too late for Bravery says Margaret Wheatley.

To stand, To speak up, To not let the overwhelm take hold.

I’ve been laying low, cancelling events, filling my days with lots of introspection AND lots of diversions and distractions. There’s something being called forward within me, within the collective, and I’ve been pretending not to hear it. It’s about depression. It’s about feeling everything. It’s about slowing down to actually DEAL with it all.

This year is an exceptional one as well. It’s had it’s ups and downs, (RIGHT?) and also I’ve been blessed with the time and resources to lay low, riding the waves, reading the tea leaves, and watching lots of Netflix.

That time is coming to an end, in a fantastic and glorious way, as I prepare for my trip on the shortest day here in North America to the longest day in South America. Flying on the Solstice, my 60th birthday.

So, what is in store? A lot and maybe not so much. I’m being open to the fullness of this gift of a time away from my home, the winter temps and my push to find clarity on that is coming in 2017. And, my next steps in crossing that threshold.

And – honoring this time of pulling back, sleeping in once or twice this week, going to bed early, eating popcorn for dinner and listening to the sounds of silence. Preparing for putting on my mantle, pulling on my boots and walking forward…into The Great Adventure of the Unknown. 2017.

This will be my last live broadcast of the year, but I will be uploading some thoughts and musings from my delicious time on Manly Beach north of Sydney. Stay tuned on FB or find me on SoundCloud to catch the recordings.

See you on the other side!

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