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The Lusty Month of May

May has always been a wonderful month for me! Graduating from high school and college and leaving behind the corporate world to move to Sweden, my first Mother’s Day and many more memories were created during this 5th month of the calendar.

CREATED, yes, those were the beginnings of my creation of new chapters, and although I’m not graduating, moving abroad and not celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, I’m still celebrating all that is coming forth this month. Mother energy is about co-creating, nurturing, caring for and holding close that which we hold dear…not just our children, but all of our initiatives, enterprises, seeds and dreams.

Let’s celebrate and co-create and collaborate all of our Mother energy this month! It’s time for a new world where we share the responsiblitiy, joys and successes, and growing pains too! We need each other to do this and it takes a village…

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