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Balancing Our Sources of Wisdom

I love the indigenous concept of 7 Directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below, Within. There is a wonderful story about how Native American children are taught to figure out what to do if they find themselves lost, based on listening to the wind. Based on the direction, they would:

1. know to stay put and an elder would find them, or

2. listen to the other children and together come up with an answer, or

3. figure it out on their own, or

4. they would ask Mother Earth to guide them back home.

It was a much broader concept of knowledge and wisdom and I love how their bodies, hearts, minds and spirits were all called into play!

Do you do this? Or do you listen only to your logical mind? How often do you stop and feel into the answer? Or ask the question and wait for your inspired wisdom to answer? Or, do you only act based on what others advise? Maybe it’s time to learn to tune in, listen and TRUST your Inner Wisdom!

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