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Balance: It’s Not Possible

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t strive or dream of achieving it!

What would your life look like if there was a balance of Personal/Professional items on your calendar? If you measured your week in terms of Health, Work, Love/Partnership, Social, Spritual time? Is there a way to assess when you’re DOing too much or BEing too much? When you are out of your ideal mix of operating in a masculine and feminine, doing and being, spiritual and physical way, it begins to take it’s toll. You might get snippy. Or sick. Or sleepy. Or less motivated.

Do you know what is the right cocktail for you? Let’s explore and I’ll share my story…and I’d love to hear your’s!

About Deborah LeeAnn

Looking to create impact as a spiritual and confident Leader? With Embodied Presence and Integral Development, we’ll illuminate your brilliance, ignite your vision, and inspire change by blending neuroscience, somatic exercises and transformational leadership development. Deborah LeeAnn Embodied Leadership Guide Deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com