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Authentic Brilliance

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One of the things about living and leading and loving from Authenticity is that I get to be reminded, often, of the places where I still hide. It’s safe to pull back and retreat from the world. Where no one is watching (or so I believe) and I can be “little ol’ me.” Where I don’t have to put on a made-up face or dress to please anyone else. I love it!
Yet, Life is outside my front door. Being with prospects, clients, in meetings, interacting in the community and exchanging with nature. I still slip into my hiding or pretending mode, turning off my radiance, so I can fly under the radar. What am I so afraid of? What if I show up in full color, full brilliance, flying my unique banner of weirdness and alchemy and beauty?
It’s exhausting trying to fit into what everyone else expects, but even more so if those high expectations come from within. So, I’m trading them in. Trading up. Going for the Real, Raw, Truth-filled, me. What do I have to lose? I believe it’s a lot less that what I hope to gain. Self-acceptance. Self-esteem. Sovereignty. Extra energy. Self-direction. Self-guidance. Self-love. Self-lessness and serenity.

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