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What Knocks You Out of Your Authenticity?

We’re fine, in our safe spaces and places.

Then someone or something comes along…and we’re knocked off center. Out of our power, out of integrity even.


Even those of us who are well-intentioned, can allow certain people, or events to bring up our angst, fears or rage and we react, versus staying in our center.

Authenticity and Authentic Leadership is the bringing back (as quickly as possible) our True Self. Yet, you know how some people bring out our worst Self? Or, make us feel stupid? Or, invisible? Or, even, make us act out in defense?

This has been an amazing exploration for me. Becoming aware of who and what circumstances trigger me OUT of ME. Learning where and when I can breathe mySelf back into mySelf has been a test in vulnerability, compassion and a source of JOY.

Yep, it can be a path to Joy. Joyful Authenticity…now that’s what I want more of!

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