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Opening and Deepening Authenticity

Where are you hiding?


People-pleasing, telling half-truths to yourself and others. OR…Overly complying???

We have been trained and molded into being such “Good Girls.” And, isn’t it interesting that the girls who are making waves in our community, nation and world, are anything but Good?

They are not afraid to speak up. Speak out. Wear different clothes, or different hairstyles. They SHOW UP, in a way that can not be denied. And, sometimes we are in awe. Or envious. But we can’t ignore them they are creating wakes wherever they go.

And, a part of us yearns for a wider reach, or bigger scope of influence. Yet, are we prepared to move outside of the Comfort Zone? To create a bigger version of ourselves by sharing a bigger vision, a controversial view, or an unconventional solution to an issue?

I’ve been responding to everyone else’s requests of me for a long time. Now that Motherhood, Partnership and Corporate employment are not defining me, who am I? The more I deepen in, listening and allowing my truth to come forward, the more I am falling deeper into Love, Self-Acceptance and an IMPLICIT Trust of who I am and what my purpose is. It’s like a gut-rehab of an old house…and seeing the beautiful results that are emerging is So. Very. Exciting.

Let’s dive in, deepen in, open up and discover with some practices you can use too, to get more clear on who you are in these ever-increasing times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos and Ambiguity.

There’s Beauty, Authenticity and Grace on the other side. All components that feed our Authentic Life and Authentic Leadership.

About Deborah LeeAnn

Looking to create impact as a spiritual and confident Leader? With Embodied Presence and Integral Development, we’ll illuminate your brilliance, ignite your vision, and inspire change by blending neuroscience, somatic exercises and transformational leadership development. Deborah LeeAnn Embodied Leadership Guide Deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com