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Freedom Declarations

I’ve been working for decades on both personal and professional development. Retreats, trainings, programs, therapy, books, and many energy and spiritual practices have gotten me here…yet, I’m still reeling from one 24 hour period where I lost it. Broke down, Cried more than I thought possible.

Today, I’m still depleted of energy. Have swollen eyes and feel tender and broken. Like after surgery or a big shock of a car wreck.

I had started a daily practice of allowing what wanted to be released to go. And, declaring it. Blessing it. Sharing it, declaring it.

And then yesterday I couldn’t talk to anyone.

No declaring. No sharing on Facebook or Instagram, barely responding to messages, emails and texts.

It was a tough day, beginning with a realization that my oldest cat was dying. And to be truthful, I never thought it would hit me that way…I started crying and couldn’t stop.

Add that to the fact that my family is going to be traveling in New Zealand and Australia for the next few weeks without me. Making it painfully obvious that our dream of retiring there is not going to happen. At least together.

And then I get another phone call that pushed me over the edge. Guess it was time to let it all go…

Join me to listen in live, or download the replay for later. I’d love to hear from you.

What are you letting go that you didn’t even realize still needed to be freed?

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