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Centering: A Balancing Tool

AND, it’s dificult to not have our calendars packed with all the work, personal and home maintenance we’re compelled to accomplish.

Yet, how much downtime do we plan for ourselves?  I’m fresh off a trip to the DC area, where I was immersed in a group of committed Leadership coaches, practitioners and trainers.  As wonderful of an experience that was, it took a toll on the things that needed doing back home.  So I dropped off my car to get the brakes fixed, had someone feed my pets, yet the house and garden chores, regular exercise routine and healty diet were not completed!   So do I rush around in an already overflowing week of scheduled activities to get them all done?  How do you squeeze one more thing into a calendar with no room?  Or, do you take a day to integrate?  A whole day?

Yes, that’s what I’m doing.  A full day to catch up with me.  Center.  Be Still.  Take a Medicine Walk to get out of my head.  Ahhhh….

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