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Balance, Self-Care During Chaos

Being in a new place is a great time to look at how we react to change and chaos and store up our inner resources. I’m currently in Washington DC area for a Leadership Circle Profile Training and certification. Wow!

March, for many of us, is a month marked with the beginnings of Spring flowers showing themselves, Spring breaks for students, “Springing forward” into Daylight Savings Time and the Spring Equinox.

This also is a time that when we feel very much like balancing of our systems too. As the days get longer, or we prepare to be in our summer clothing, many begin new detox and cleansing programs. Or, start a running or walking regime. Our food intake may be more greens as they grow abundantly now and less of the starchy root veggies and squash that got us through the summer. That’s all good.

And, it’s a great time to look within. Now, more than ever, is the time to up our game around Self-Care. Not just physical forms of nourishment and movement, but inner spring cleaning as well! What no longer serves? What old beliefs can be released now to make room for the Newer Updated Version of You? Time spent unplugged, listening to our Inner Wise Woman, opening to what messages and inspired actions are being asked of us.

This is a new time. A new world. An interconnected global system that appears chaotic and unorganized and, in some ways, falling apart. And we are poised to be the ones who are holding space. We are exactly where we need to be. Stay in touch with your inner re-Sources. Stay connected to your human and nonhuman guides. It’s quiet in there and All. Is. Well.

I’m ready to enter a new chapter of my life this month too, … marrying the Art & Science of Women’s Wisdom with Women’s Leadership. Sentient, Sensual and Spriitual Leadership…hmmm, like the sound of that! We need each of us to up our game, ready?

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