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Authentic Wisdom Within

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Why do I keep looking outside myself for more guidance, wisdom and learning? There is SO much within just waiting for me to tap into it.

How many books are you reading currently?

I am in the middle of several leadership books, one on the Awakened Warrior, one on Culture, one on Leadership development and another on The Spirit of Leadership. Each offering e a different perspective, new ways of looking at this fascinating topic for me.

And, while integrating all of this additional knowledge, where do I rely on what I already know? What I instinctively and intuiitvely understand? Why do I feel like I am “needing” to learn more, before I’m ready to share with others?

Yesterday I went to the Social System Design Lab at Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work. There, with the new Director, we envisioned several ways to use the lab to map out the various levels and numerous factors that are going into leadership culture today and how to use these materials to support leadership development for organizations into the future.

Fascinating. Creating something NEW. Not another’s idea. But mine, co-created with another’s.

Let’s dive into why we feel we need to keep looking outside ourSelves for wisdom, when we are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge within.

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