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Waiting to be Saved?

I learned about Personal Responsibility decades ago.

It’s a concept that would benefit us all if it was taught universally in our culture, maybe in nursery school, or at least college?

Do you ever catch yourself saying:

“It’s all their fault.”

“I’m not to blame” or “They know all the answers.”

Or, “It’s not up to me” or “I’m waiting for the perfect time/teacher/sign.”

Each time we look outside of our self we are giving away our own power. The Blame Game leads us nowhere, yet we tend to want to pass the buck and hold others accountable for stuff that happens we don’t like.

And, this extends to our waiting around for others to save us. I was taught that a man would do this for me. Sweep me off my feet, take care of me, make me happy.

OR, to help me have enough money to allow us to live the life of freedom we desire,

OR, to support me to the next level of recognition or authority, so I’d be able to create the changes we want to see.

OR, that the next course/guru/book/degree would give us the antidote for the life we dream of…

We look outside of our self so then we don’t have to be Radically Honest and Personally Responsible.

This Reactive Tendency is based on patterns learned when we were small, and really didn’t have the responsiblity or the authority to change what was happening around us. Now that we are older? Let’s take charge of our own lives and lead by example.

Ready? Join me, together we can do this.

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