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Rewriting Your Story

Often my inner voice tells me, “You can’t do that!” Or, “Who do you think you are?” Or that you need to do more, be more or have more…

Does that happen to you too? Especially the more we are pushing the envelope, creating something new, shifting the paradigm!

Maybe the voice belongs to your mother (mine is sometimes my grandmother!) and maybe it’s just your inner voice, but it’s time to talk back to it! Let’s rewrite whatever story is stuck that we aren’t good enough, are you in?

About Deborah LeeAnn

Looking to create impact as a spiritual and confident Leader? With Embodied Presence and Integral Development, we’ll illuminate your brilliance, ignite your vision, and inspire change by blending neuroscience, somatic exercises and transformational leadership development. Deborah LeeAnn Embodied Leadership Guide Deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com