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Owning our Lightness and Darkness

This has been a tough week. On many counts. And, many levels.

As we reeled from the news of the Orlando shooting, and headed into a heat wave here that makes everyone uncomfortable and less pleasant, lots of anger, blame and ugliness has come of it.

Pointing fingers and playing the 2nd Amendment argument as well as seeing some people finally realize that all human beings deserve to go out dancing and have a good night – no matter what color of skin, or their choice of sexual orientation or where they live or what religion they espouse (or don’t).

The “ism’s” that have separated us for so long are beginning to show us how disconnected we have become. If there were another form of disease, sport or public health issue that was killing so many people EVERY day in our country, while separating our government, political parties, and citizens, it’s gun control (or lack of it.)

This is a particularly masculine topic. Yet, as women leaders, are we going to continue letting our brothers, husbands, sons and communities be destroyed by the hands of gunmen?

Sitting still, knowing there is something to be said, some action to be taken, or a vote to be cast, and you NOT taking action? You might as well be a part of the problem.

Time to speak up. Share your voice. Dialogue. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if friends decide they can’t be your friend any longer. Even if we disagree with our loved ones. If it is your truth, no one has the right to take that away. You, and you speaking your truth, are way more powerful than you know.

Let’s see where this goes…

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