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Inner Wise Woman

What happens when we are still and listen deeply? We just might hear our body talking to us! Our intuition is a body-based wisdom that is more true, more authentic and has a wider lens that the intellect we typically rely on for guidance.

Ready to invite in your Inner Wise Woman for a chat? I’m curious what you might learn! Just like any relationship, there needs to be a “getting-to-know-you” phase and some time to develop Trust and a knowing of what language She wants to use when communicating. Learning to Trust this Wisdom will allow you to grow your Trust in other areas in your personal and professional life.

If you would like guidance on getting into a relationship with you own Inner Wisdom, connect with me and let’s talk. Your Intuition will know if that feels right to you!



About Deborah LeeAnn

Looking to create impact as a spiritual and confident Leader? With Embodied Presence and Integral Development, we’ll illuminate your brilliance, ignite your vision, and inspire change by blending neuroscience, somatic exercises and transformational leadership development. Deborah LeeAnn Embodied Leadership Guide Deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com