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Freedom to Stop (or at least take a pause)

Stop? Are you kidding me?

I don’t have time to take a break. Or, even slow down. What would happen if I didn’t keep all these plates spinning in the air?

For decades I prided myself on how much I could handle. I made sure to keep a full calendar. And I would hit burnout before making the time to get away for a little “Debbie Time”. But when it came time to return home, the guilt and overwhelm of my husband’s and children’s demands put me right back in the zone…the one I’d created. The high-adrenaline, cortisol inducing life that many of us still operate in.

A Retreat allows us to return to Grace. What do I mean by a Retreat? It’s a weekend to:

Slow down our life, break the routine, be taken care of (no planning activities, caretaking or cooking or cleaning) and to be with our Self. A planned time to hit the “Refresh” button, Recharge our batteries, Review our Life. Heal. Rejuvenate.

For many of us, the idea of slowing down seems unthinkable. Yet, what dis-service are we modeling for others? For our kids, colleagues and loved ones?

We all need to slow down. Yet, our lives keep getting busier and busier. And, we keep trying to fit more in to handle it all.

Our energy is splintered, our diets rarely supportive of this self-induced stress and lifestyle. Wait, YES, it is self-induced…no one else is making these decisions for us!

Yet we feel out of control, unable to change the pace, even going on Vacation creates stress!

So, Let’s Declare Freedom to Pause, Reflect, Retreat…We deserve it. A weekend for just being. Settling into a gentler, softer, quieter, calmer routine. One that serves us. One that allows us to hear our Inner Voice.

Wonder what she wants to say?

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