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Being in Flow :: The Beauty of You

With historical flood waters cresting in St. Louis, I’m drawn to the metaphors of water and how they reflect in our everyday lives. Where are we in flow? Where are we flooding?

When we acknowledge the power of water, we are gently lead in an exploration of what happens when we have too much, too little or just the right amount. A slow trickle can strangle growth, ushering in drought and deep chasms of longing and need. A thunder of water splashes and overflows, causing destruction and eroding the support systems that keep life in order. A perfectly filled lake reflects breathtaking beauty with the gentle wind painting ripples across the surface of glass.

How also do our lives mirror the journey of water. Too little and we are spiritually dry and desolate. Too much and we are overpowering and aggressively push back against life. Just the right amount…we peacefully float in our true essence.

What is your essence? How do you embody it? Your essence is your highest spiritual self, where you are so in love with being your best and most you, that your light shines from the inside out for others to see. It’s the gentle connection and magical space with a new lover, the ability to look at a friend and smile knowingly. It’s the beauty of exchange.

So often we tend to be on or off. How do we access that knob that determines the flow of water in our lives? How do we adjust the flow to be just right, avoiding destruction and personal drought? The good news is that you – YOU – are in control. You get to play with the flow and adjust the knob, determining the flow that is just what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Come to the present in this moment. With the waters flowing in our system, allow ourselves to be gently pulled by gravity and the energetic hold of Mother Earth. Send the flow of energy and our water within to all corners of our body, centering our attention inward and opening ourselves to the divine connection.

Being in flow allows our true power to shine with a light that doesn’t blind. We control the gentle flow that allows the energy, breath, water and food that we need. It is not forced or over the top. By creating a calming force and presence for those we love and serve, we are able to let out just the right amount for the perfect, real exchange of energy.

As we usher in a new year, it is time for us to celebrate, acknowledge and let go of what was, and look forward to welcome what will be. Pause. Take a moment to recognize and appreciate whatever happened over the course of the last year, say thank you in deep gratitude and let it go. Find healing and a sense of calm, releasing those pieces and patterns of life that don’t fit anymore. Embrace the peace that comes from being in flow, embodying your true essence, letting your light band together with the light of others to shine brightly to our world as we enter another year of change, shift and exploration.

Listen to Deborah LeeAnn http://www.blogtalkradio.com/deborahleeann/2015/12/30/wednesday-wisdom-radio-in-flow-or-flooding

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