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Becoming Real

Just like the Velveteen Rabbit, I’ve been Loving mySelf into being Real. I’m not alone, as I’ve recently admired several friends, teachers and celebrities for their authenticity in writing and sharing to the world about what’s truly “up for them.” Not hiding, not pretending, looking messy and genuinely being human. For the month of March we talked about #BalancedLeadership, now for April’s focus on Growth, and New Roots in who we are, how we are showing up and #TruthTelling. How can we get where we want to go if we aren’t telling the truth about where we are? OK, so against my business and judging mind, I’m coming out of the shadows here, picking up the pieces and creating a new work of art that is my life. Thanks for being a part of it!

About Deborah LeeAnn

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