Self Leadership is essential if we are leading anything or anyone else. Whether as a Corporate executive, a business owner, a team leader, a parent or the committee chair of a community project. 

Every new moon brings me to a deeper Inner Awareness and the reminder of how I manage my energy.

Self-awareness, self-management, self-Leadership, includes this inner landscape check-in.

Part of my check-in includes an assessment of where my energy is flowing. Where is it leaking? Where is it being nourished or regenerated? 

Where are my boundaries loose? Or non-existant? 

Where am I pushing? Where can I be more R E C E P T I V E? (yes, another deep topic for another day!)

Where is YOUR energy flowing?

Right now, it’s easy to be leaking, or losing, energy to all kinds of world issues, climate change created fires and storms, political drama, pandemic unknowns and speculations, not even counting what’s going on with our businesses or career and our own family and circle of friends.

Not very sustainable. Where’s the renewal? Where’s the filling back up?

I learned the hard way after decades of exhausting myself to the point of adrenal fatigue or lying on the couch all weekend to catch my breath, or finally falling into bed sick on the holidays.

One of the leadership competencies I coach women around the most is their Sustainable Productivity.  Another is Balance, and yet another is Integrity or Wholeness.  

Each of these have in common the tendency to put others first, to believe they are only valued or worthy if they are over-giving, extremely busy or selfless in some way.

So what’s underneath that? The need to Belong, to feel Safe, to feel in Control. Or some other pattern or learned tendency that keeps us from looking at OurSelf. Our needs. Our wants and desires. And our anger, broken heart or sadness or …. What is your’s?

Mine was if I could just keep all the balls in the air I would be superhuman, praised, loved, and valued. If I could do so much to not have time to look within, I could ignore that mess. (Like having really messy closets, with everything looking neat and organized in the public spaces!)

And, it took a while to “find time” to be with the Inner Landscape. To look around, clear some space, breathe into it some of my own Life Force and Love and Light. 

Wow. It’s the space created by Centering. Being. And, Presence.  To appreciate and know that daily practices of Inner Check-ins are a powerful practice for my soul, physical/emotional health, and business and relationships.