What we Resist persists…not a big fan of the phrase, yet it feels in sync with the Times, eh?

It’s been a wild and wooly kind of ride these past months, literally and figuratively. Colder than normal temps have brought out the scarves, hats, and sweaters and the daily barrage of media, political ads, and Covid transmission numbers and climate-related devastation continues to flood us.

And how are you managing all of it?

Please don’t pretend you are above it all, or that it doesn’t bother you, you’re taking self-care measures to a new limit to cope or that you don’t feel it, deeply, in your heart and soul.

This is the work I’m continuing to unravel within and am inviting all of those I’m in connection with to dive in with me.

Let me back up.

We are all about Love and Light, right? God is love, love is all around us and we are here to spread the Love. Love is all we need…as the song goes.

AND, we can only reach into the Cosmic or Higher Dimensions of Love, (Universal Love I call it) by loosening the constrictions or resistance we have put into place to help us feel like we belong, we matter, we have a place in this world. We are so tightly wound in our reactive strategies from old wounding that we actually aren’t open to receive the Beauty, Love and Grace that is also flooding us at this time.

Hence the saying, “Yes” to Love, “Yes” to Pleasure, “Yes” to stillness and sacred space to BE. 

The old stories tell us that if we just DO more, push more, keep busy, or numb out in our spiritual meditation or eating/drinking/drugging/sleeping habits, we are more valued. If we just serve more, take care of more things, add to our overflowing mind more learnings and news, we’ll be loved, good, valued, needed. 

My practices of shadowy self-care include snacking (on organic stuff, but still not necessary extra calories) drinking more coffee or wine than my body actually wants, but my mind feels it needs, filling my calendar with to-do items, or sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing in defiance of it all, but from exhaustion.

All good habits and routines, but when used as a way to RESIST what needs to be felt, what is calling my attention or creativity, or to actually push away the fear or pain, it’s counter-productive. It allows the pain or fear or thought pattern to get louder.

How do you play the resistance game? Where is your life flow constricted due to pushed away fears, grief, pain or unacceptance? 

Where do you hold grudges? What are you simply tolerating that is keeping you stuck in old places of a no-longer fitting paradigm?

This month I’m deeply experiencing letting go. The Making Space for new. The Allowing and Receiving more of the bounty and beauty that is available. And, to do so, it’s taken a hard look at where is my mind closed? Where is my heart closed? Where in my body am I holding tension? How can I s o f t e n and open my mind, heart, body to more of ME? To more of the Grace, Love, and Light that I AM? And is currently circulating around us all if we choose to feel it?

Only when we open up the old, tightly wound, patterns will we be open to more Love. And, that is truly all we need. And what we ALL want. 

So no matter the outcome of this election or what this winter brings upon us as we close out 2020, let’s open, receive, find the resilience to be fully present. Fully centered in our purpose. Fully accepting of our gifts and awesomeness and the darkness as well. We are here to Shine now, more than ever. The world needs each of us to declare it, open to it, and accept the gifts of our Light.

Join me? Say yes to what is. Feel what is up with you. Allow the beauty to come in. Notice with gratitude what is happening in our bodies at the moment. Center. Get present. Call in your Divine Connections and Life Purpose to nourish you and guide you. And for support, it’s all there. 

Thank you for being YOU. We’re all in this together.