Luminary Leadership Series

Conversations with Conscience Leaders in our Community

Karen Hoffman, Gateway to Dreams

Karen Hoffman, Dream Champion and founder of Gateway to Dreams, is our Luminary Leader as we start 2019. Karen shares her vision of a St. Louis that comes together to dream big in the January/February 2019 issue of Women’s Journal. The article can be found on page 10.

Pamela King, Our Community Listens

Our featured Luminary Leader for November/December 2018 issue of Women’s Journal is Pamela King of Our Community Listens.  You can read the article on page 8.

Tracie Berry-McGhee, I Define ME Movement

What a wonderful conversation with Tracie Berry-McGhee of SistaKeeper and I Define ME Movement for the September/October edition of Women’s Journal. You can read the article here on page 10.