Authentic Pause :: Slowing Down to Recharge

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How do you recharge? In the 6 days since leaving home, there have been lots of activities, ranging from large noisy family dinners and brunches to my daughter’s graduation from college in Indiana, to partying at houses and bars to flying to Florida, visiting and staying with an amazing group of women friends in a palatial home.

We’ve stayed up late, eating cake and ice cream (to celebrate Merinda’s graduation, of course!) or just drinking wine and getting caught up. Last night, conversations got heavier, deeper, intimate. It was midnight before we knew it!

Swimming, lounging, and sunsets at the beach, combined with my shamanic business mastermind added to my day yesterday and reminded me that I’m neither totally on vacation or totally “at work.”

Yet, this feels right. Just enough of the creative and learning and growing I receive when working as well as the eating, drinking, slowness of vacation activities and time away.

Without realizing it I’m achieving my intention this week. I want to recharge. Reconnect. Remember who I am at a deeper level. Being with old friends and my daughter help me to see myself, learn about myself in a way it’s not easy to do alone.

And healing the old patterns of disconnection, aloneness, not belonging, not being lovable or loved. The old stories in our psyche, emotional space, and physical bodies are literally melting away. The “I’m broken.” “I don’t belong.” “I’m such a weirdo…”

When we are with a sisterhood, that special circle of family and friends who see us deeply, with compassion and love and little to no judgment (we are human after all!) it’s a safe space to BE. Heal. Fall into Wholeness.

And this is where we regain, recharge and remember our power. The universal power that is always present and flows through us, connecting us to all that is and the potential of all that could be. When here, I find it easiest to tap into my vision, receiving wisdom and intuition and then use this passion/life force energy to create. Moving forward in my bigger vision and life’s work.

So, that is where we’ll start today. Not sure with all the swirling around of new learnings and experiences and downloads recently received, where we’ll go!

Feel free to share with me what this full moon energy is shifting, growing, releasing and bringing to you! You are the reason I create these. Thank you for the honor to do so!

An Authentic Invitation for you, Sweet Sister

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Years ago this book arrived in a gift bag with several other items from a friend who saw me better than I saw myself.

I devoured it.

Each word sang to me, woke me up, brought a resonance to my soul that has long been asleep.

And, it seems to call to me each time I need to wake up again.

Are you waking up? If so, it can be daunting. The lights seem so bright, the sounds too loud. The activity too busy. And, it makes us want to dive back into our covers and go back to sleep.

Yet, these times are calling us out of slumber. Whether courageous and wanting to risk, grow and change or not, we are unable to find the comfort in slumber we used to.

We have been preparing for this. We know that, on some level, we are ready. And, here is my invitation to you. Listen in and stay awake. We’ve been holding it together for too long.

Authentic Balance

Authenticity requires taking time off, a pause, a break.

I’m doing that this week. Nothing like being reminded when you don’t actually get the choice! (I’ve been fighting an infected spider bite cluster and now have the flu.)

And, since we are heading into the Equinox this weekend, when daylight and night are the closest to equal before tipping into longer days, it’s the perfect time to balance.

What needs Balancing within you, ~Contact.FirstName~?  Where are you over doing? Forcing something? Striving?  And how much are you Being? Surrendering? Being still and listening, then acting, on inspired actions to move forward with your most Authentic Life?

There’s also an invitation for you below to join the Spring 2017 cohort of the Authentic Leadership Academy.

We are ready for 9 more women to say “Yes!” to their next Self, whether they are clear on what or who that might be or not.  This is the safe circle you have been yearning for to grow into your next chapter, with training, coaching, masterminding and supportive accountability all built in.

See you next week and happy Spring!

Until then, listen in the rebroadcast of Authentic Gratitude from a previous post.

Authentic Life :: It’s Not Always Easy

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Authentic Life, what is it?

More importantly, Why did I agree to it? And, have the strong nudge to teach it, share it, model it for others?

Here I am, sitting with a boatload of ideas, plans and projects, and I’m playing this game with myself. Authentic Life is about eating, living, leading, loving from our truth, our wholeness, our realness. NOT what we always want others to see.

As I prepare to invite friends and neighbors over to my home for class on Cleaning without Chemicals, and a few workshops on using Essential Oils for a healthy, holistic support system for change and emotional wellness, I’m frozen. Why?

I’m worried I’ll be a bother. People are busy. They don’t want to add something else to their calendar.

OR, do they? What if my discomfort is not about them. It’s my stuff. Managing my fear of what they will think. Funny, on Facebook, I’m not hiding as much as I do in person. When it comes to reaching out via phone or text.

What if I’m not inviting them and they WANT to learn, grow, become more aligned with who they want to become as Authentic Leaders who lead with Grace and Power?

What if my sharing of this information would help heal them and their families by incorporating a new paradigm of seeing how to live with less chemicals in their bodies, homes, lives? What if they want to make a difference for our planet?

I’m getting on the phone. To share about my little classes and workshops, as well as to invite them into a larger vision. One where we all come together and learn from each other. Talk, share, love, grow in community? (LIke my mom did in the old days when the neighborhood moms met for coffee at each other’s houses?)

Where do you need to stand up and share some of your wisdom? Where are you allowing others to take your power? Your voice? Your vision? I’m taking a stand for me, my power and vision today.

Join me?

Savoring September…Authentically Slowing Down

To Savor…slowing down to enjoy, appreciate, feel pleasure, receive a deep breath.

How do you savor?

The definitions that resonated with me were:

1. To taste or smell, especially with pleasure: savored each morsel of the feast.

2. To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish:

Savoring feels appropriate for this lovely month as the weather is perfect, the food is plentiful, the days are a bit shorter and we head into the final months of the year.

Slowing down is not what I used to do in September. The calendar is full, the days flying by as we head towards the holidays and end of the year.

Yet, even though I’m not heading back to school, and my daughters are away with less activities requiring my presence, the pressure to move faster and to get a lot done is palpable!

How about you?

Are you pushing to get all of your To-Do’s, Commitments, Goals and Planning completed in your personal or professional life? ( I get it, as my year will end even sooner since I’m taking off the final 2 weeks of the year for vacation and play…)

Let’s see what arises as we s l o w down…retreat if you will, take a look around, and savor these days. I’m guessing it will be worth every effort to rearrange some things off the calendar and take time to recharge!

Need help with clearing your calendar? To give yourself permission to Slow Down and Savor??? Connect with me and let’s talk. Have you booked your complimentary session with me yet?

Authenticity Includes Desire, Whimsy and Joy

Who are you? What do you want to create in the world? How much do you want it?

Does it truly light your heart and soul on FIRE?

This path of Authenticity has taken me deep within – where each time I’m in a business coaching session or a healing session or an energy session, when I am asked “What is your Heart’s Desire?” I panic.

My first several answers are what my mind wants. What my body/physical self wants. What my ego-self says I’m only allowed to want…because that is Do-Able. Realistic. Safe.

Playing it safe isn’t the creative, conscious and amazing life I want to live any more. It’s part of the reason why I’ve been playing so small. And mostly unfulfilled.

So – here I go, diving deep into Desire. Feeling into the whimsey (not a mind thing) and wonder of what else is possible? What do I really want? And letting that fire me up. It’s been more fun than I could have imagined.

Join me! Find your own Heart’s Desire, or book a session with me to tap into it. Often we can fool ourselves. But having another hold space and give you permission to really go deep? That’s AMAZING. Life-changing. And Oh. So. Needed.

Wonder where we would be as a community, nation, world, if more of us were following our Heart’s Desire?