Your Heart’s Desire

After months of diving deep into all of my emotions and Reactive Tendencies (to use The Leadership Circle language I use in leadership development training), I’m ready to feel into what I want. What I’m allowing myself to dream, feel into, bring forth.

Sound selfish? Or out of touch with these chaotic and uncertain times? Or, what does it bring up in you? 

Most people’s answer to my question of how they’re doing right now is, “I’m grateful, truly I am.” “There’s so much good in my life.” 

And that’s great. To be happy where you are is wonderful.

To feel stagnant, or just “OK” with where you are, or feeling restless; like I do when I’m hungry and keep looking around for something to satisfy that feeling and nothing is quite meeting the need… That means I am, and possibly you are too, ready for something MORE. Yes, we can be grateful for where we are and what we have AND still want something MORE.

Our mind wants desperately to find a plan, to run from what’s uncomfortable, or to deny what we are simply tolerating, versus our Heart – which wants Beauty, Love, to run towards Joy or something that feels good, lights us up, makes it sing!

So, after deepening into and feeling what is truly in my space (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) I can then find the acceptance of “Yes, that is what is.” 

After pausing there, and really f e e l i n g, we can listen for, or find energy, that rises within.

It’s our heart’s calling. Our body or soul guiding us towards what is next. What do we want, given we are here right now?

This is essential work for any of us on the front lines right now.

The more we feel we don’t have time or energy to devote to finding our heart’s desire or inner guidance, the more we need to practice this inner work. To move towards our next expansion, expression, or growth, it requires an openness to allowing what the Universe wants for us. 

The more we can receive. And it begins with the beautiful Desire bubbling up like a wellspring within. Then “await what the stars will bring.”

Our heart is our own tuning fork or unique GPS that can invite divine inspiration, creative expression, or deep healing. Our businesses require us to be open to this channel. Our physical health does too. Artists rely on it to bring forth their heart’s desire onto paper or stage, or through images.

So, when’s the last time you sat and had a cup of tea with your Heart’s Desire? All that’s required is someplace to be still, listening to nature or inspirational music, and maybe a journal or your phone to record what you discover.

Discovering our heart’s desire is more important now than ever.

It’s time.

Let’s do this.

Here’s to developing the muscle to listen to and follow your Desire and see where It takes you!

Moving Past the Collective Fear of the Unkown

Just like all of the spring flowers and budding trees, I’m coming out of hiding. 

I’m coming out of a self-induced sabbatical. After an intense last couple of years where I was deep in the process of becoming an evolutionary entrepreneur. (Which is funny, because I’ve been “Becoming one” for a few decades, but this was a different kind of entrepreneur…) This felt like a spiritual and personal and professional and deeply heroic journey.

This was to a place of truly feeling like my gifts were in service to the world. And this was, and felt, different. I wasn’t doing this work for money, as much as I was doing work I loved; sharing my gifts and being compensated for it. 

And this type of growth, for me, was profound. 

It was something I had been asking for decades prior, yet it took me the experience of knowing my value, sharing my worth, being and living from my truth, and having the opportunity to see others as they realized their opportunities, their growth, their truth, by me walking with them. 

It was then that I started feeling validated, in my gifts. And that growth is what I want to bring forth for other women, it is such an empowering. (we all used to use that word too much.) However, now, this feels truly empowering. 

I felt like it has prepared me to Trust in me, my gifts, in the universe, in everything that is happening right now to bring all of it forth in service to other women. 

The opportunity to model leadership, to model feminine leadership, to model feminine and spiritual leadership. And this is another growing edge for me. 

So, I firmly believe that this time is giving us an opportunity to slow down and learn to appreciate who we are, honor our gifts and discern how we are to be in service using those gifts. 

It is also a time to deepen into radical self-care; into taking care of ourselves first so that we can take care and connect and be in service to others. 

The fear, the collective fear, of the unknown is very stressful for all of us. I find myself waking up with my teeth and jaw clenched, and my hands balled up into fists. And I realize that I’m still clenching and holding on to something. Something that is old, that needs to fall away. Some old patterns, some old ways of being, Reactive Tendencies to use the leadership development terms that we use. 

Yet, these are being pulled out of me now. 

We don’t have a choice in these changes. We can move forward in this evolutionary path of global change, or we can fight and struggle and try to paddle our boats against the current, which is so exhausting. And it doesn’t support us in our immune systems, our stress levels, our ability to stay at our peak health. 

This pandemic is scary. It is creating chaos and uncertainty and volatility. And I’m not doubting that everyone is feeling it on some level, these fears of the unknown, the stresses of living with not knowing what next week will look like, or next month, or goodness gracious next year. And I’m not saying that we ‘spiritually bypass’ or that we just pretend like it’s not happening and stay in a place of positivity because that isn’t supportive, either. 

What is going to help us through this is to know, truly, what is going on within each of us. Know fully that we have the gifts and the resources to be of service during this time. And also know that this is a growth experience for every single one of us. And it’s bigger, because this sense of deepening into our purpose is on a global level, for each of us in truly owning our gifts and sharing them with the world. 

This purpose and desire to live from our truth has to be called forth from our hearts. And is strong enough to not allow the temptation and fear take over and send us curling up in a fetal position or stay in bed all day. (I mean who would know if we’re alone at home?) 

Since we’re in our small pods, it’s easy to spread our emotional energy levels as well as the virus. Instead of closing down, I’m asking you to go out, go outside, see the sky, know that there’s something bigger going on that we can’t see. And that is what we get to play with, trusting in that… deepening into a belief or faith that is beyond our understanding. I keep telling myself, “I have everything I need in this moment.” And, most of the time that is true for the majority of us. We probably have at least a roll of toilet paper on hand. We probably have a can of food in the cabinet. And we probably have electricity and a roof over our heads. If you have a cell phone or technology to even be able to read this or listen to this, then we’re way ahead of the game. 

Yeah, we tend to look at what we don’t have. We tend to miss our old life, even when we weren’t happy in that old life. 

So let’s play with this. 

Let’s see if we can find ways to laugh every day. Watching a comedy show. Sharing silly videos. Reading a children’s book. Lately, I’ve been watching old DVDs from when my kids were little. And I try to remember to play – from a place of innocence. When I get my crayons out and a coloring book or I dance around and sing silly songs. No, nobody really needs to see us, and I get to feel the space and opportunity to lighten up my heart. 

So, whatever brings you joy. Whatever allows you to play and whatever allows you to center back into your body, as we did as children. 

That’s the important thing to remember now, remembering our gifts, remembering our truth, remembering who we are. Then in a moment of contemplation, discern where and how to be of service. Is it to make masks? Is it to make extra food and take it to a neighbor? Practicing social distancing and safe habits of course!

I’m just wondering if there’s a way that you can learn about yourself. And remember something about yourself that will add to your own sense of self-worth and value. 

I’m here. If you want to reach out and ask a question, if you want to do some type of assessments to really learn what your strengths are, or what your leadership competencies are or how you’re getting in your own way of your already brilliant strengths and competencies. That’s what I do. And that’s what I’m passionate about. And that’s how I am making a difference right now. 

During these VUCA times (volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous times), let’s not be afraid of growth. Let’s embrace it, to the best we can. And let our hearts open to the possibility of where we could go, where this could take us, and how to connect in a way that we’ve never done before. It’s truly possible, with expanding our self-awareness, self-trust and self-compassion, we can grow a deeper interconnectedness on this planet. 

Please breathe deep, wash your hands, stay safe, and take excellent care.

My gift to you this month is a guided meditation to help you stay grounded during this time of chaos.

What’s Calling You Forward?

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The Fall Equinox is upon us.

It’s time to take an assessment, an honest look at where we are. Where we want to be.

Who we are. Who we are Be-Coming.

What needs to end? Begin?

What do we want more of? Desire less of?

The Autumnal Equinox is a great lesson in Nature of balance. Light and dark. The changing into a new season. The continuing of the cycle of seasons.

As the leaves fall, it reminds me that I need to clean out, let go, release. The old patterns that are not serving. The foods that don’t make me feel good. The people or clothing that no longer “fit”.

It’s also a wonderful time to review the abundance of what we have created this year. The fruits of our harvest. Sharing in thanks-giving and community.

So what do you want to stop doing?

Start doing?

Stop being?

Start BEing?

A great place to take stock is in your surroundings. Your bank account. Your circle of closest friends and those you spend the most time with.

Are they reflective of you in your Highest and Best?

If not…who would be in that Circle?

Maybe it’s time to create or join a group that reflects You back to YOU. In all your glorious imperfect Perfection and Beauty.

There are Moon Circles. Masterminds. Power Networking groups. Collaborative business meetups. Conscious Leaders convergences and conferences. Coffee connections and social activist breakfast clubs.

What are you looking to be more of? What support calls you forward into the next up-leveling of YOU?

Lots will be generating underground in the coming months as I revamp in my 2018 offerings. Share what you are looking for, chances are I know a group that just might be a great fit.

Or, let’s co-create something together. I’m all about manifesting and generating what you want to dream into being!

Authentic Leadership Academy

Post-Eclipse and Awareness

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So, where were YOU during the Great American Eclipse?

Whether you experienced Totality or not, I’m certain the experience was meaningful. Some enjoyed the science of it, others the photography challenges of capturing the beauty, others were deep in spiritual ceremony and ritual. Everyone was moved in some way, even if they ran outside into the street to capture it for only a moment during a break from work.

For such a momentous occasion, I did something quite unlike me. I was with a party of revelers – some of whom popped their first beer (artisan brand that it was) at 7:15 am. This well-orchestrated event was planned months ago and I appreciated not having to make any arrangements and just show up.

So Show Up I did.

We were at a large multi-leveled outdoor space an hour outside of town, with all breakfast and barbecue lunch and refreshments included. A variety of outdoor games and oversized Jenga and Chess boards entertained many. Seating arrangements varied from couches, to tables and chairs, to picnic tables and benches, plus indoor dining areas all filled with groups in conversation and live music. There was a constant and steady buzz that surrounded me. I felt like an observer of it all.

I watched myself pull away to find space and journal. I noticed when I got up to change seating arrangements or moved into different circles of conversation. I enjoyed sipping coffee and water and beer as the day wore on and relaxing. It felt like being on vacation. By myself.

I enjoyed moving when I felt like it, enjoying my body’s grace and strength and sitting and feeling the breeze when it wafted over me on occasion. I listened to my body when it asked for more water, please! or it’s time to get something to eat, or only one bite of the Moon Pie, methinks.

As the day wore on, I noticed how I searched out certain people to speak with and later realized I only once learned someone’s name. Yet, we exchanged deep, almost intimate details about our lives. It was not a day of light conversation.

It was also interesting to note that I spent most of the day in the company of men. Two different couples, a group of young people with 3 guys and one gal, an older gentleman and his son who was close to my age, and the very handsome and interesting friend of a friend who came in town to visit for the event.

An all around different kind of day for me; one who normally stays home and shies away from these types of party events.

And, the best part? I got to SHINE. I played with it all day. It was fun, fascinating and easy. AND, so freeing to not feel I needed to play a role, entertain anyone, be anything other than who I am. Wow!

The moon tried to cover the sun for those 2 1/2 minutes, and the sun still made beautiful light flares and rings around it. Almost hugging that which tried to eclipse it. Surrounding it and shining anyway.

Reminding me and all of us that we are still Light, even when there are obstacles (real or imaginary) that are trying to dim our Light.

What looks or feels different to you now? What has shifted for you? I’d love to hear! Share with me in The SHINE Challenge Facebook Group.

SHINE on! It’s our reason for living. It’s also our Purpose. And Passion. And Pleasure.

© Copyright 2017 Deborah LeeAnn :: Authentic Life Radio

Art of Receiving

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How often do you receive a gift and toss it back in the giver’s face? Probably not often, if ever.

Yet, we redirect compliments, offers of support, opportunities to engage and connect, right?

When a young woman offered her support recently as I sat by the ocean and was sobbing into my journal, I brushed her off, saying “I’m fine…or I’ll be fine. No thank you.” I did just that. How comforting it would have been to have her get the cup of tea she offered! To accept a hug from her, even. To ask for, and receive!

We have been taught to be resilient, independent, to be able to fend for ourselves. We don’t like appearing weak, needy, incompetent. Yet, we are not designed to be silos!

How do we learn to open to Receive?

Authentic Gratitude

Thank you.

Thank you for being here. For reading this. For listening in. Showing up. For your friendship, kindness, connection, referral, support, sharing.

For Being You.

And I truly mean it. Between Thank You and I’m Sorry – How can we express ourselves more clearly? More authentically, more real, more true.

We are in a world where we wear our busyness, our social media connections, our use of technology, like a badge of honor. I’m taking the day off. To play, bake, prepare for family feasts and just to be still. Loving Self, my daughters, whoever shows up today and tomorrow at my home or at my parents. No matter who they voted for. No matter their differing views.

This week is full of events. Yet for me it is simple, it’s about being in Gratitude. Join in, take a few minutes to be still, drink tea, or wine, or eggnog or cider. Really taste it. Let the pleasure radiate from within for this moment.

And, from the bottom of my heart (and my BEing) sending you Grateful Blessings for an Abundant and Pleasure-filled holiday!