Why Authenticity?

Combining an Integrated Style of Leadership Starts From the Inside-Out

Thanks for indulging me a moment of your time. (time to read: 90 seconds)

Feeling the chaos? There’s actually an acronym used to describe the Volatility, Uncertainty, Change and Ambiguity we are experiencing in our business and economic climate, VUCA.

It’s time to Grow, Change, or get out of the way!

As a Leader, your role is balancing being a visionary, trustworthy, confident and courageous, while leading your team or organization To, Through or For change and growth. Authenticity is key to all of the leadership traits and actually pushes competencies to the next level. Yet, a lack of Authenticity? Drains the energy from all you are trying to do. It’s that important!

Yet most leadership development and culture assessments measure and point to Outer Game plans (structure, trainings, talent management systems) to create change for a leader or organization. The work that is needed is the Inner Game. The underlying tendencies or issues that have created the current reality of leadership style, both individually and collectively, are what holds back an estimated 80% of individuals and companies who are implementing change management. Do you really want to stay where you are? I doubt it.


Please allow me to (re-)introduce myself.

I’m Deborah LeeAnn: Speaker, Trainer and Paradigm-Shifter.

And whether we’ve met recently at a conference or a networking event, or we go back decades in our history of working together, here’s an update on where my journey has taken me and the launch of a new business – training, speaking and mentoring Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.47.00 PMAuthentic Leadership.

After many years of consulting, mostly in the area of organizational development, training and human resources, I found myself at a crossroads. How to be Authentic, truly revealing my full array of strengths, passions, and brilliance. Openly sharing from a genuine, honest, open and loving space.

It was not easy.

I worried (still do, to be honest) what people would think of me.

Yet, I was not able to continue acting like I was a certain way and hiding my spiritual or emotional sides. Integrating them all seemed like the easiest route (much to the dismay of some well-meaning business coaches and mentors) yet ended up being the most arduous journey I’ve ever been on.

We see those who radiate their brilliance on stage or in a meeting and we wonder, is it easy for her to be so true and real? She seems so courageous! And confident! How did she get to be so comfortable in her skin? I want what she has!

Authenticity actually not only shines from the individual, it gives us permission to be our most authentic, real selves too!

And, our discernment with all the media sources bombarding us is to search out what sounds true? What messages feel good? Which ones create a visceral sense in our gut? What images or people touch our heart?

Those are the stirrings of our Authentic Self. When we feel, hear, taste, sense and sigh with the essence of something that hits home.

Why is it important in leadership? Because those we are leading can sense when we are on mission, passionate and committed, or off our game, in our own doubt, self-critical and fearful.

We need to play full out. Authentically. And it’s easier said than done.

So, after much dancing between what I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up with how I actually was showing up, my journey with Authentic Leadership was begun. Now came the gathering of feedback, lots of coaching and deep inner work, to get to the place of congruity. Alignment. And Authenticity. It’s not an end-game. It’s a journey.

Hence why we need outside support to facilitate and guide the process.

Authentic Leadership is the outcome of my own personal and professional journey, with the addition of years of coaching, trainings, experience and mentoring.

Authentic Leadership will have 2 arms;

al_academy_Vector_logoAuthentic Leadership Consulting with organizations ready to really step up their game in conscious, forward-thinking, change leadership, while developing an inclusive culture and creating a wider social impact through collective leadership and collaboration.

Authentic Leadership Academy is training, developing and masterminding with individual women leaders. (It’s open to all, while being designed for women) This 6 month program will take leadership development up several notches by focusing beyond outer competencies and game plan to expand each participant’s reach to expand her influence and impact while deepening into the inner game of leadership. Self-Awareness of where each of us gets stuck and holds us back from living, leading and loving from our most authentic, brilliant Selves.al_academy_RGB_logo

We are in the midst of unprecedented change requiring us to lead from a newly found groundedness and more integrated center. When we show up as self-aware and courageous authentic leaders clear in our visions, we create the community… the connections … and the trust we need and desire to get our big work done in the world.

Lastly, I’d love to know where YOU are. What’s on your plate for 2017? 2018? Beyond? Is your vision maxed out or in need of refreshing? Are you ready to grow your business or initiative to the next level and in need of support to get there? How is your collective leadership? Are you ready to lead to, through, and for change? Where are you stuck? Have you had a 360 in a while? Time for a culture 360?

I hope we cross paths soon. If you’d like to schedule some time for a call or cup of coffee to continue the conversation, here’s a link to my calendar.


Comments? Questions? Please share!

Or, feel free to email me at Deborah@DeborahLeeAnn.com or give me a call at 314.800.7694.

Owning our Lightness and Darkness

This has been a tough week. On many counts. And, many levels.

As we reeled from the news of the Orlando shooting, and headed into a heat wave here that makes everyone uncomfortable and less pleasant, lots of anger, blame and ugliness has come of it.

Pointing fingers and playing the 2nd Amendment argument as well as seeing some people finally realize that all human beings deserve to go out dancing and have a good night – no matter what color of skin, or their choice of sexual orientation or where they live or what religion they espouse (or don’t).

The “ism’s” that have separated us for so long are beginning to show us how disconnected we have become. If there were another form of disease, sport or public health issue that was killing so many people EVERY day in our country, while separating our government, political parties, and citizens, it’s gun control (or lack of it.)

This is a particularly masculine topic. Yet, as women leaders, are we going to continue letting our brothers, husbands, sons and communities be destroyed by the hands of gunmen?

Sitting still, knowing there is something to be said, some action to be taken, or a vote to be cast, and you NOT taking action? You might as well be a part of the problem.

Time to speak up. Share your voice. Dialogue. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if friends decide they can’t be your friend any longer. Even if we disagree with our loved ones. If it is your truth, no one has the right to take that away. You, and you speaking your truth, are way more powerful than you know.

Let’s see where this goes…

And, as always, feel free to connect to go deeper. You receive your first Synergy Session on me to see if we are meant to work together. Is it time? http://bit.ly/DeborahLeeAnn

Embracing the Masculine

For centuries, we’ve been living under a Patriarchal culture and it’s shifting now to a more feminine one. Yet, as we all evolve (both men and women), we are going through a rough adjustment period.

The Masculine energy can be Transcendent, Assertive and creates Outcomes. It’s the Doing energy that allows us Women, as Leaders to create impact and change. It’s the other side to our Feminine energy which is Shadow, uses Attraction and enjoys the Process.

It’s difficult and scary to not be in control. There’s a lot of unknowns. Trust seems to be at a premium. Yet, by knowing how to tap into and embrace ALL of our gifts, talents, energies and creative competencies, we are stronger, more capable and can face the changing environment with more confidence, clarity, courage and yes, charisma. We’ll be talking about each of these during the summer…stay tuned on a video series to teach exercises to enhance your leadership effectiveness in each of those areas.

We need both Masculine and Feminine energy to claim and own our brilliance as change agents. And to recognize their power in ourselves and in our environment, our culture and our world. Let’s explore in the coming weeks how to find our unique blend!