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Sacred Anger

Feeling too much? Like your nerve endings are on the outside of your body and the slightest sensation or incoming news can ignite or trigger or send you into an emotional spiral? I am with you. One client recently called it feeling the “collective rawness.” Yes, collective internally and as a global society..  And with…

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Where is Your Heart Guiding You?

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, “What do you want, Deborah? Yes, and under that, what do you REALLY want?”  My answers aren’t clearly written out for me or come in an image or picture, they are more of a group of sensations…a softening in my belly and chest, a relaxed jaw and neck/shoulders…an…

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Freedom to Let Go

It’s July. And typically July for me has always had a theme of freedom. And as I explore that whole topic of freedom. It feels like it falls into several layers. There’s the actual reflection on what it is that I want to be liberated from. Then there’s the action or allowing, of the liberation,…

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Freedom, Liberation, Sovereignty

How do you define Freedom? (let me know, I’m curious!) I believe it has to do with a state that is felt after liberation. And a remembering that we are all Sovereign Beings. Liberation from fears, tendencies, patterns, structures, and belief systems that no longer serve. Sovereignty, for me, is a feeling that I try…

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