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Dancing with Shadows

This February full moon is highlighting our brilliance. And as much as we are uncomfortable with vulnerable showing/sharing of our shadows, we are often equally uncomfortable with owning our Brilliance. As we move from February into March the theme shifts to honoring ALL of us. Equally.  In honor of the Equinox and equanimity, expansion and…

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Seasons, Cycles, Rhythms and Changes

Why am I so keen on following the seasons and Nature’s cycles? And how do they give us insights as to our own transitions and developmental growth? Often people ask me, “How does the moon cycle affect me in my leadership or personal/professional development?” As human beings, we are intricate systems, with our own cycles…

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Stillness of Winter

Stillness. Not out there, mind you, it’s wild and woolly and full of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complexity and Ambiguity) news, and events.  And, maybe it’s the several hours of each week spent on Zoom calls where I can see myself, and how I am showing up when with others, that is making me more aware…

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Simple Abundance

Playing such a huge role in our world is the fallacy of scarcity. We steel ourselves and train ourselves and treat ourselves like there’s not enough. We are not enough. (I am not enough _____, or too much ______) There is not enough love. Or energy or time Or resources. Or money or food or…

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