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How do you practice Radical Self-Care?

We are busy, we give our time, talents, money, energy away all day, every day, even more during this holiday season… What rituals do YOU use to honor yourself? Wednesday Wisdom – How do you practice Radical Self-Care? from Deborah LeeAnn on Vimeo.

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Who are You Projecting?

Who do you present to the world when out in public? When asked “What do you do?” or “What’s going on?” do you respond automatically with a rote answer? This is an invitation to check in, see what is true for you and answer from that place. Voila! Authenticity creates connection…Try it! Wednesday Wisdom –…

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Humanism vs Feminism

Feminism or equality for women in the workplace and society, is not just a women’s issue! Time to get ALL of us on board…we will accomplish more when both men and women work together! Humanism vs Feminism from Deborah LeeAnn on Vimeo.

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Who’s in Your Circle?

Women are naturally collaborative, co-creative and connecting…and circles are a great way to find a safe place to be our true selves, whether they be with close friends, workout buddies, a book group or parent-teacher group! “A Circle of Women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity.” PeaceLoveFree.com and as seen here.…

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